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Basement Stacks is a fully functioning studio in Louisville, Kentucky with facilities and equipment to record anything from voice-overs to a full band.   We have experience recording, mixing, and mastering a wide variety of music including rock, hip hop, contemporary classical, punk rock, and metal.

Recent artists that have recorded at Basement Stacks or have been mixed or mastered by us include Cheyenne Mize,  Danica Ransom, Touch A.C.Cher Von, Amber Estes Thieneman of Sandpaper Dolls  KarassVersityleTipsieShawn Sleeps Naked, and Twenty First Century Fox.

We also specialize in on-location recording for large ensemble performances. Some recent ensembles we have recorded on-location include Thompson Street Opera CompanyLouisville Chamber ChoirLouisville WindsLouisville Youth OrchestraVoices of Kentuckiana, Atherton Jazz  and Symphonic Bands, Louisville Gay Men’s Chorus, Crosby Middle School Orchestras, Trimble County Symphonic Band, Manual High School Orchestra, and Douglas Blvd. Christian Church Chancel Choir.


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I work primarily in Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Sibelius, Vienna Ensemble Pro,  Max/MSP, and an extensive plug-in and sample collection. I also have experience  with other DAWs including Digital Performer and Logic.

My collection of microphones is always growing. Recent additions include the MJE-384 SDC’s,  Shure SM7b, as well as the matched pair of Rode NT1-As modded by the magicians at Oktava Mods that sound beautiful on everything! My converters and preamps come from the wizards at Black Lion Audio, Audient, and Antelope. They sound CRYSTAL CLEAR!


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Send me a message if you have any questions or would like a quote on your next project!

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