My name is Chris Kincaid and I love everything to do with sound. I spend the majority of my time writing, recording, and teaching music.

I am an active composer of both contemporary classical music and popular music having scored works for orchestra, chamber opera, concert band, small ensemble, solo instruments, and voice. In 2015 I completed my Masters in Music Composition at the University of Louisville as a Bomhard Fellow.  Besides composing, I have studied classical guitar, cello, and piano. I work with computers every day and am skilled in Sibelius, ProTools, Max/MSP,  and Ableton Live.

I am the owner/operator of a studio and on location recording company, Basement Stacks Recording. We specialize in pop, rock, hiphop, electronic, and classical music.

Beyond composing and recording music I am also an educator and music technology writer. I am a freelance presenter for the music software Ableton Live, having created and led workshops on music production and midi controllers. Presentations include  professional conferences: most recently the American Music Therapy National Conference and the Percussive Arts Society International Conference .  I also organize and run a Louisville, KY user group for Ableton Live where I create curriculum and lead workshops in electronic music production. My articles can be found on the music technology site, Audio News Room.

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