California Zephyr Featured on Upcoming Album

My newest piece, California Zephyr, for solo cello is in the process of being recorded right now by the talented cellist, Jari Piper and will be offered on CD very soon. However, these things cost money to record and print. Click here to purchase the album or donate to the process. We (composers, performers, and recording engineers) thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

One year down, one to go!

I have completed my first year of graduate school for music composition at the University of Louisville. In this first year I have written and had performed works for bassoon, electric guitar, mezzo soprano, classical guitar, piano, symphonic band, string trio, electronics, and cello.

The next year will be consumed by my first string quartet that borrows material from Kentucky’s rich fiber-art heritage , as well as my thesis: a short opera about the beheading of St. Dennis. If next year is anything like this year it will go by in a blink!

This summer I am working on some home improvements, researching and sketching for the quartet and the opera, as well as doing some recording and mixing work. I’ve got some upcoming projects that I’m really excited to be a part of. I have been upgrading gear in the studio including new mics, a beautiful sounding ad/da by Audient, and a new computer for mobile recordings.

Check back for audio and video from recent and upcoming pieces!