April is Here!


I made it through the crazy month of March and lived to tell about it! Four premieres (trio, bassoon and electronics, cello solo, and mezzo/electric guitar) as well as a ton of other stuff and school. The premieres were great and I should have video and audio up soon! April looks like the month of school. Papers, OpenMusic project, finishing up the extended cello solo piece, revising a band piece for another read through, and conducting a short guitar trio that was written last week (start to finish). The next thing I know it will be May!

I’ve got big plans for summer! Look for upcoming posts about Leslie and my work on a libretto for next year’s opera, house remodeling/finish touches, a raspi guitar pedal project running pd, final mixing of a new Karass album, a complete recording project (start to finish) of collabs with local vocalists, reviews of contemporary opera, ¬†and maybe a trip out west/east!


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