New Commission, Album Mastering, Guest Lecturing, & Upcoming Gallery Installation

September is almost over and it flew by!

The video game I worked on last month, Treatment and Control for the Ludum Dare 33 was voted #41 out of 1500+ entries in the audio (music and sound design, which I did both) and #13 in mood (which the sound definitely contributed to.) The team at Two Scoop Games was great to work with!

My friend and talented clarinetist, Samantha Holman has commissioned a new work from me for bass clarinet. I am beyond excited to start working on this piece!

Another good friend, Tim Barnes reached out to me to master a live recording of a collaboration of himself and Jeff Jerman. It is a fantastic recording and I can’t wait to see the release! Tim is a brilliant musician working especially in electronics and percussion, curator of sound with his Quakebasket Records, as well as running Louisville’s hub of everything aurally strange and beautiful, dREAMLAND.

I am completing the final few notes in a composition that will partner with the Little Loomhouse, a fiber arts and historical preservation community here in Louisville for a gallery showing in Berea, Kentucky next month. My piece, Overshot was originally a planned as a string quartet but has shifted to part string quartet, part field recordings and strings. The inspiration of the work comes from the procedures and outcomes of the overshot technique of weaving a coverlet. More to come on the opening later this week!

This afternoon I will be guest lecturing in the Advanced Digital Techniques class at the University of Louisville. The class focuses on working in the Max/MSP and Protools environments. My presentation will focus on integrating Max/MSP into Ableton Live, another popular DAW and it’s potential in the applications of composition and live performance.

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