Graduate School

This August I began working on my master’s degree in music composition at the University of Louisville. I was selected as a Bomhard fellow, an honor that not only supports me throughout this degree, but also focuses on the nuances of the classical vocal style. Now that September is coming to a close, I am completely immersed in the program! I am studying composition with Marc Satterwhite and Krzysztof Wolek, two composers that have much to teach me. I am finishing up a piece commissioned by the Mothership Ensemble, a work for two channel live electronics, bass flute, viola, and cello. I am also in the early stages of a larger work for bassoon and four channel live electronics. As soon as this commission for the Mothership Ensemble is out the door I will begin working on a commission for the University of Louisville Community Band. This will be my very first foray into the world of band music and I can’t wait!

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