Grad School is great! Tons of time to compose and I’m listening and reading scores of SO MUCH MUSIC!!!!! I am putting the final touches on a piece for symphonic band right now. It’s a first writing for that ensemble. So much power in that group! I can’t wait to conduct it in November.

I’m in the middle of composing a bassoon and electronics piece. The notes are coming way easier than the Max/MSP patch is (I complain a lot about max but the truth is I love that program so much!) It will be performed in February by myself and an incredibly talented bassoonist, Jackie Royce.

I just finished adding more wall-mount XLRs (can you really ever have enough?) and hanging some diy sound baffles for some recording I’m doing next week with the band, Shawn Sleeps Naked. The studio is almost almost finished!

This winter break is looking to be jam packed as well! I have been commissioned (and am in the process of confirming commissions) for solo cello, solo english horn, and clarinet/guitar. There is also a big recording gig that is pending. Fingers crossed because if that pans out, it’s upgrade city for my converters and monitors! Goodbye digi002/prolinear720s, hello fireface800/focalcms65s!!

I almost forgot! The call-for-scores for solo violin/foot percussion is in the recording stage! I have heard several takes of my piece and I can’t wait to hear it once it’s pressed on vinyl! I will have copies for sale probably late spring!

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