New Video!

Check out the video for “Eye Tracking Google Maps.” I composed the music. My inspirations for this project were the work of Mark Mothersbaugh and the 909 drum machine.


Busy in the New Studio

So before I could finish the studio I get two gigs. The first was to score a parody monologue scene in an upcoming movie based in Western Kentucky. The other was scoring a promotional video for a web company. The two bits of music probably couldn’t be more different (Hint: one is terrifying with cello scrapes and all minor seconds, while the other is ukulele and chimes in a happy 6-8.) As soon as they are announced or released, I will post them!

Cross Country Trip and Completing the Studio

Back from a trip around the country. My wife and I took an Amtrak train trip and stopped in Chicago, Glacier National Park, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Denver.
We saw family, friends, and a ton of new places we’d never been. We stayed at hostels and tried the site for the first time. It was a great experience. It saved us a ton of money, gave us a local resource who new the area, and was cozier than staying in a hotel. What did we do with all the money we saved with lodging? We spent it on lots of great food and even more great beer!
Heading home meant finishing the studio. The studio is now almost done; I am hanging trim today and next week the insulation arrives so I can build sound absorbers. Pictures of the finished studio coming next week!



My Music on the Radio!

The local NPR station in Louisville, WFPL, called out to local musicians for instrumental tracks to be used as sound beds for all sorts of random things. They chose a piece by me

[soundcloud id=’41680680′ playerType=’html5′]

and two tracks by my band Karass off of our most recent EP, Imponderable Bloom.

I’ve heard both already, and my piece will also be used for the new program Unbound, a show of short fiction read by the authors.


I just got back my Rode NT1-A mics from Michael Joly Mods! I can’t wait to finish this studio so I can start tracking with these beauties!

Modded NT1-A condensors by Michael Joly. Voiced similar to the Neuman U-87.
Modded NT1-A condensors by Michael Joly. Voiced similar to the Neuman U-87.


Summertime! Lot’s of projects in the works. I am remodeling the basement to be a studio workspace. I will be able to track a full band, as well as mix!

Basement Studio Framed
Basement Studio Framed

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